Mike French Photographer

The Affinity Project

Relationships are not heteronormative. Nor can they be defined by the binary of mixed-sex or same-sex.

Affinity is a documentary photography project that hopes to illustrate that bisexuality can, and does exist, in straight-appearing relationships. This body of work aims to encourage dialogue outside of the bisexual community.

This photographic documentary is intended to be a lifelong passion project that will naturally take meanders along the way. There is no definitive end to the project with the hope that as queer identities in straight-appearing relationships become less stigmatized, the project will turn into a celebration of the diverse identities we all share.

By highlighting that we do exist, we can confront the bi-negative myths about promiscuity and indecisiveness that face bi people. This in turn will reduce the misrecognition that bi+ face and make society more welcoming, especially for those who are not already vocal about their sexuality.

Find out more and get involved with the project at affinity.gallery