Mike French Photographer

Along The Way

During the COVID pandemic, I would take my daughter for walks on our one-hour-outside time. Along the way, we would discover all sorts of things that had been forgotten about, abandoned, and left to nature.

I am fascinated between the juxtaposition of our ever-changing and transient lifestyles compared to the unchanging possessions that we once used, but now neglect. We often pass these things daily, but become blind to their presence, as if they have no more purpose and have been discarded.

This is a curation of those possessions, to serve as a memory. Already, some of these artefacts have been removed entirely. In due time, memories serve as a manifestation of regret. We can all relate to something that we have disposed of, only to later wish we had kept it. Along The Way prompts the reader to consider their own definition of obsoleteness; to reflect on how possessions form an important connection to the space they reside in.