Mike French Photographer


I find landscape photography deeply humbling. It is a constant reminder that we are at the mercy of conditions far out of our control. This unpredictability reflects the serendipitous entropy of the geographical world around us.

The impact we have on our environment is totally superficial. Instead, the result of every micro-interaction between living and non-living massively outweighs the scars we leave in our wake.

Geōgraphia is a collection of decades worth of images I have been fortunate enough to stumble across from all over the UK. Sometimes we have sculpted the landscape in the images and sometimes our impact is too insignificant to see. The constant in all these images is nature’s unfaltering evolution, adapting in disregard for our influence. The sun rises, and the sun sets, the tide ebbs and it flows; we are at mercy to a greater force than ourselves.